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Prevent pricey water damage with your Bloomington water sensor

Detect floods with your monitored Bloomington water sensor before they become a headache

The biggest concern with water is a leak until it becomes a big deal. A broken pipe or cracked toilet is many times only noticeable by finding a puddle of water. This can result in major water damage, especially if a leak drains into your complete bathroom or basement.

It is possible to sense leaks before they cause any damage when you pair wireless Bloomington water sensors with your home security system. The small, monitored detector hunts down rising water and notifies you with a loud siren when it detects a issue. Then it will alert your Vivint monitoring team so that they can survey the scene and get a hold of emergency services should the situation call for it. And never walk down the stair to an unexpected pool of water, as your water sensor will also send you a phone alert.

Where should you place your Bloomington water sensor?

Normally you need to install a water sensor anywhere in the areas where you might see standing water:

  • Near toilets: Protect your bathroom tile from dripping toilet tanks or stuck-up toilets.

  • Underneath sinks: Catch clogs in the U-bend before you have to change your bathroom vanity.

  • With sump pumps and basement drains: Having a underwater basement in Bloomington can cost up to astronomical amounts of money.

  • Close to water heaters: a Bloomington water sensor will let you know that the water heater might be rusted out or faulty before it leaks gallons of water across the floor.

  • Surrounding major appliances: Washing machines, dishwashers, and refrigerators all can leak water and rapidly soak your flooring!

Vivint Bloomington water sensor

How does a Bloomington water sensor work?

Your Vivint water sensor can be a critical element of your Bloomington smart home. Here’s how it works:

  • Sensitive water detection: The cutting-edge alarm alerts you and your Vivint monitoring experts to any dripping or rising water.

  • Temperature sensors for arctic weather: Vivint water sensors also sense falling temperatures to prevent water damage from cracked pipes.

  • Sleek, wireless design: Simply set them nearby any place a leak can start -- no matter how close the place.

  • Phone notifications for quick action: Freezing pipes or serious storms have a penchant for happening when you're not around. But don't stress. You'll receive a message whenever your water sensor detects a problem. Or check the Vivint App anytime to confirm their status.

  • Vivint monitoring adds another layer of protection: Your Vivint monitoring professional will also get notified of any water problems. No matter where you may be, help will be moving your way!

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